Retrive Password
The following procedure allows students that have either lost or forgotten the password, to set a new one.
The success of the procedure is subject to having already registered the email address in the system or having paid and validated the invoice of payment of the university fees.
Follow the instructions.
Take note of the new password automatically generated by the system that it will show up on the screen or it will be sent via email, depending on the search criteria selected at first.
The new password is immediately active at the end of this procedure.
The need of a password together with the Matricola number ensures the privacy of your personal information. Therefore, it is strongly recommend to change the password periodically into a new non-trivial one. Also, do not disclose it to other people.
If the procedure fails, carefully check the entered data and try again.
If the problem persists, please enquire at your segreteria studenti for a new password.
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