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This section is dedicated to those who wish to enroll in a Course of Study with PROGRAMMED NUMBER OF ACCESSnational level (Medicine, Dentistry, Engineering Building-Architecture and all courses related to the training of health personnel, nurses, technicians, and in rehabilitation) or a local level (that is programmed by the University for the courses for which it is expected to use highly psecialized laboratories, information and technology systems or other customized places of study) and may relate to an:

  • Undergraduate degree(I Cycle - duration 3 years),
  • Master Degree (II Cycle - Duration 2 years),
  • Single Cycle Degree Course (duration 5 or 6 years).

For this type of accessla admission test is selective.

It is mandatory that those who register in these courses of study have passed the admission test.

  • Read the announcement for the Notice of Selection Competition relative to course of study that is of interest to you atofferta formativa