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Before doing the Registration procedure you must read carefully the Enrollment Guidepaying close attention to the exemption cases for the payment of tuition (v. How to pay tuition and contributions).

  1. Select Fill Out the Application for Registration (domanda di IMMATRICOLAZIONE) and print the Invoice for payment of the first instalment;
  2. Make the payment within the deadline indicated in the Enrollment Guide for the relevant Academic Year;
  3. Log in again at the website of Delphi (this page) and type "validate application" (convalida domanda). Afterwhich, you will get your matricola and password;

    The payment validation and the delivery of the documents to the Segretaria are ESSENTIAL to be registered.

  4. Keepthe matricola and password these will allow you to access other services of the University (e-mail, payment of subsequent instalments, request list of exams taken, book examination, etc.);
  5. Validate the payment, submit to the Segretaria Studenti, which in turn will give you the libretto universitario, and the following documents:
  • la Application for Registration (domanda di immatricolazione), for signature upon presentation, for attachment of two passport-sized photos in the spaces provided in the application, more a passport-sized photo same as the two attached to the application;
  • copy of a valid documentfor identification;
  • copy of the payment receipt;
  • The sheetgenerated during the validation of your payment contains the matricola. This part of the paper is labeled "for submission to the Segreteria Studenti"