Application for Clearance and Assessment of Qualifications for Change of Degree Program or Resume Studies


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This section is for those who wish to move to a course of study which requires for the mandatory release of a Nulla Osta (Clearance)   that will be granted as a result of a prior evaluation of qualifications you possess (examinations taken at the current Course of Study)


  1. Digita “ Fill out the Application for Assessment of Qualifications (Domanda di Richiesta Valutazione titoli) for Clearance (Nulla-Osta) to Change Degree Program (Passagio di Corso);
  2. Select School and the Course of Study you are interested in;
  3. Complete the application by entering the required data and listing all the examinations you have taken;
  4. Click "Next" and on the next page note down the CTRL which you will need to return to the Menu to modify, cancel or reprint the application.
  5. Click to print; the print out of the application includes information you have declared, a bollettino (Invoice) with ZERO amount and a receipt of automatic validation with the N. of the assigned Protocol. Keep all documents.

The application will be transmitted online to the Degree Course for permission to change, .

It is necessary to wait for the Course of Study to assess the exams and qualifications listed in the application: Results will be sent to you via e-mail.