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Before Registration read carefully the Guide to Enrollment paying particular attention to the exemption cases for payment of tuition (v.How to pay tuition and contributions).

  1. "Fill out the Application for REGISTRATION" and print the Invoice for payment of the First instalment
  2. Connect once again to the Delphi site (this page) and type Validate Application. You will then get a matricola and password
    Validation of the payment and submission of the document to the Segretaria are ESSENTIAL to be registered. Keep the matricola and password for you will use them later to access the services of the University (e-mail, subsequent payments, request of list of exams taken, exam booking, ecc). Validate the payment and submit the documentation to the Segreteria Studenti which in turn will give you thelibretto universitario:
    • theApplication for Registration, is for signature at the time of presentation, for attachment of passport sized photo in the space that is provided on the application. A passport-sized photo which is the same as the one in the application; copy of a valid documentof identification;
    • copy of the receipt of payment ;part of the
    • document generated during the payment validation procedurecontaining the matricola. This part of the document is labeled "dicitura “da consegnare alla Segretaria Studenti" (to be delivered to the Segretaria Studenti);
    • Documentation useful for recognition of exams taken (programmi di esame). Copy of the Invoice for payment of the Regional taxes if you come from a University with its registered office in the Lazio region.