Registration with Course Abbrevation (abbreviazione di corso)


Request for Assessment of Qualifications (Richiesta valutazione titoli)
(for Course Abbreviation "abbreviazione di corso")


Application for Registration with Course Abbreviation (Domanda di immatricolazione con abbreviazione di corso)

More Information

This section is dedicated to those who have a degree or other qualification that can be evaluated for the purpose of admission to the first year of the selected course of study as a result of recognition of credits (CFU) acquired during the previous Course of Study.

Important:To access requirements to the Course of Study and any pecularities in the process of Registration with Abbreviation of Course (immatricolazione con abbreviazione di corso) read carefully the Notices of Selection Competition (i bandi di concorso)/ alerts / information relative to the Course of Study of interest onofferta formativa (homepage of the website of the University).

Preliminary Phase

Before you askfor Registration with Abbreviation of Course it may be necessary, depending on the academic regulations of the Course of Study chosen to:

  • Request prior evaluation of current qualifications (i.e., exams taken at another University); in this case type directly in the field on the lefta) Request Assessment of Qualification for Abbreviation of Course ;
  • Take the Admission Test /Assessment Test that require VERIFICATION OF ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS. IIn this case return to the Homepage of Delphi and type Admission Tests; Assessment Test, Verification of academic requirements

Next Phase

Only when you have received the Assessment of Qualification by the chosen CdS, inidcating you are a winner of the Selection Competition for access to a CdS with programmed number, or finally if you; chose a CdS with free access that does not require a prior evaluation of the qualifications, is it possibile to complete directly the Application for Registration with Abbreviation of Course.